Sean Anders

Los Angeles, CA

Sean grew up in DeForest, WI, a small town outside of Madison.  An unremarkable child and student, Sean did not attend college due to his misguided belief that he could become a famous musician (despite knowing only five or six chords on the guitar.)  In the mid-nineties, Sean moved with his band to Phoenix, Arizona, where they enjoyed the same lack of success they were accustomed to in the Midwest.  While in Phoenix, Sean decided to make his own movie with a group of friends and no money.  By then he was used to his dreams being treated as a cruel joke by The Universe so he had no expectations of any film career.  However, the movie gained enough local attention and a handful of good reviews, which led to representation in Hollywood. 

After a year of going to meetings and little else, Sean and his writing / producing partner, John Morris, sold their first script, “She’s Out of My League.”  Soon after, they made their first Hollywood movie, the teen comedy, “Sex Drive.”  From there, the team went on to write and/or direct such films as, That’s My Boy, We’re The Millers, Hot Tub Time Machine and the Daddy’s Home movies.  

In 2011, Sean and his wife Beth were trying to decide whether they should have children or go on enjoying their fun, easy lives.  Sean made a silly joke that he felt too old to be starting a family so perhaps they should adopt a five year old so it would be as though he’d started five years ago.  The joke sparked something in Beth and soon she was visiting foster care websites and becoming serious about this idea.  Sean agreed to attend an orientation at a foster agency.  A year later they brought home three beautiful kids who (after an adjustment period that bordered on apocalyptic) would become the best thing that ever happened to them.

A few years later, John Morris suggested they make a film inspired by the creation of Sean’s family.  After several drafts of a script, which was consulted on by Foster Strong founding-members Maraide Green and Allison Maxon, Instant Family went into production.  The movie was inspired by Sean’s family and many other families they had met along the way.  The film featured another Foster Strong member, actress Candi Daniels.  

The movie used humor to shed light on a topic that too often languishes in the dark and helped Sean to realize that more could be done to change the narrative around foster care.  This led to the creation of something Sean hopes will become far bigger than any of his films… Foster Strong.