Nate Cox

executive committee member (Oregon)

This is Nathanual, but he goes by Nate. He was born in Santa Ana, California and is currently a restaurant manager in Southern Oregon. He also volunteers with local and national non-profits. Nate has always been an outdoorsman, any time he can be on the water or on the mountain with his two dogs and girlfriend is considered a great day.

Growing up with a large family he has gained a large personality. His grandparents raised him and he grew up living with eleven people in a three bedroom house till he was twelve. After Nates grandma passed his family experienced some more hardships. He ended up in a group home where he met his science teacher who turned out to be his future adoptive mother. Then he was put into a foster family in Mission Viejo,CA at the age of sixteen. He was then finally adopted into his loving forever family at the age of twenty. 

Having the support of his amazing family and all the great people that he has met throughout the years has given him tremendous opportunities to be a voice for foster care children and teens. Being raised by his grandparents was a very important part of what has helped shape who he is today. He is looking forward to continuing to work with non-profits in the future. One of his dreams is to help improve the foster care system and to set up transitional housing for children who are getting close to aging out of foster care. Teaching them basic and essential skills (cooking, taxes, housing, ect.) so they can adapt into society easier. He is a very motivated individual who has a passion to advocate for youth in foster care.