Lino Pena-Martinez

Digital Operations Manager (Washington, DC)

Lino Martinez is a first generation American of Afro-Latino descent. Lino says he lives for the beauty in the small moments of connection; the kind where you see someone and feel seen by someone. Lino recently moved to Washington, DC from his work as a caseworker at The Home for Little Wanderers, which specializes in continuum wraparound care. Throughout his time as a case worker he worked on child welfare at both an individual and system level. Lino currently works on the hill for the US House of Representatives, Committee on Energy and Commerce; as he also has a passion for environmental issues. He says the foundation of his resilience and personhood is patience and flexibility. Lino was in the foster care system in CA from the age of 5-18 and then he participated in an extended foster care program till the age of 21 wherein he also studied Environmental Studies and the History of Art and Architecture at the University of California Santa Barbara.