Carloe Moser

Executive Committee Member (North Carolina)

“I want to help people see the jewel inside of themselves.” With this being Carloe’s motto in life, he loves to see others grow around him. Being well versed in many areas such as technology and teaching, he has created a platform that will allow him to work well in various arenas as an advent of change.

Carloe is a graduate of North Carolina Central University with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish. After graduation he became an AmeriCorps member in conjunction with Reading Partners. By serving as a Senior Literacy Lead in the organization, Carloe poured hope into elementary school students from grades K-5 th until 2019.

Carloe entered foster care at age 14 and was then adopted by his grandmother who was very instrumental in his passion for provoking change. Not forgetting the importance of family, Carloe was able to maintain communication with his family because of his grandmother’s tenacity. This impacted his life to see what happens when there is a person who will stand in the gap for others. 

In July 2018 he went to the Youth Leadership Institute for the Jim E. Casey Initiative, where he and 15 other national candidates grew in advocacy and policy practice for foster care youth. Since then he has become a Young Fellow for the Jim Casey Initiative and worked with North Carolina statewide organizations such as the Children’s Home Society of NC and SaySo Inc.

He is now transitioning into the financial services realm to become a financial coach, life insurance agent, and an investor of various markets. Carloe’s hope is to bring organizations, communities, and political figures together to bring about change in the challenging areas of their respective cities.